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16 October 1984
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This blog was one of my resolutions for the new Jewish year of Tasha (תש"ע). After a long period of emotional problems, stress and disturbing behavior patterns, I've decided to try and vent some of the feelings by writing about them. If you don't feel like reading something serious, politely excuse yourself and get lost *giggle*. I also write light, funny posts and general update posts about my life, but that's not the overall tone of the blog.
To those who decided to stay: Happy to have you on board! Your comment matters!

WARNING: This blog uses three languages-Hebrew, English and Russian. I don't have time to write each entry in all three of them, so feel free to use Google translate or any other means to understand what I'm babbling about.

A little bit about me:
I'm a 26 y/o BA graduate, currently looking for an administrative job in the North area of Israel. My family and I repatriated from Russia in 1991 and lived for 2.5 years in a kibbutz in the Northern Negev are before moving to the Haifa bay area, in which we currently live. I have a younger sister and a kitty (Freddie, female, 4 y/o). My parents live separately though they are not officially divorced.
I'm mental and take medications. Also go to therapy, the therapy is great cause I have the best therapist in the world (!).
Things which I like are listed in the interests sections, but you always can send a private message and chat if you wish.
Overall, I'm an optimist person, light, caring and generally pleasant, except when I'm PMSing, but I'm working on that as well.
After I find a nice job and save up some money I plan to attend film school and win world fame and acknowledgment. I'm a very creative person and have the best ideas as to what present to get for anybody you know.
I guess you'll find out more if you read my LJ.

I also founded a community for tea drinkers (one among the several there are in this portal), so if you like tea and are not too snobbish about it, feel free to join! It's listed further down and is called "drinktea4fun".

Social capital

  • less than 10