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Sleepless again...
..though I took my meds.  I've made plans to go to our city zoo with a friend from uni.
Should be fun but i think their entrance fee is a bit exaggerated. I
need to save some money cause Achbartul and I want vacation abroad in
passover. I guess we'll have to settle for Greece because of the cost,
though I really wanted to be somewhere in western Europe. Hell, even
Budapest would have satisfied me. But I need to think positive. They
say it's beautiful there and the food should be good as well. We
probably gonna do some light field trips, but I'd love to have an
option for beach/shopping/both. I need to put some money aside for
expected spending, like my meds, social security and health insurance
(kupat holim). I guess if I really want a romantic trip abroad I can
try to cut down my hanging out and cell expenses. Anyway there's
another portion of my scholarship coming in the beginning of May, so I
guess saving money till then is doable. I try to look for a job and
not stress about it too much. I guess I can find something good when I
finish studying, even a full-time job as a secretary should pay a
couple hundred shekels more at the end of the month, or so I guess.
And it's less stressful than teaching, even at elementary schools ,
where most of the kids still respect their elders. Of course I would
to have a job even before I graduate but I need to be realistic. Maybe
even work as a private English tutor.
I really want to move in with Achbartul, if not immediately after
graduation, then in the fall. He doesn't seem very enthusiastic about
it and I don't know what to do.
Currently I have something very strange going on in my left buttock.
My cell dictionary says it's called inflamation, and I'm not gonna
argue with that. It has been hellish two weeks that I'm in pain now.
It hurts to sit, to lay down, to walk, and sometimes even standing
still hurts. The last couple of days an area in my buttock started to
feel like concrete.
What I do to feel less pain: try to eat a lot of fiber and get enough
liquids into my system. I'm pretty sure that my digestive system and
its helping organs very much affect the pain. Hence my regular going
to the W.C. A couple of days ago it was even a torture to pee..but
anyhow, I also had a prescribed anti-inflammatory med which I took
first thing in the morning, for a week. Since doc told me to keep the
area warm, I've put to use warming cushions, the ones you stick in the
microwave. I also massage a small amount of Ben Gay ointment into the
area before I go to sleep-with a woolen shawl tied across my weist. I
also take a strong para-acetamol every now and then when it gets
really painful, but that's it.
I really want to be healthy by Thursday. I'll even settle for Friday
cause that's when the zoo date is. Another nice thing to look forward
to is the composing session Malinka and I are having next week. Gotta
feel better till then. Stil need to find time to go through unfinished
lyrics and maybe finish some of them. I also need to print out the
songs which I already sent her.
My (last!!!) seminar paper is coming up slowly but surely. I hope not
to have a too high pile of reading for the last class of this stinking
degree, so I will be able to dedicate myself to the paper. Am
currently reading, for background research purposes, Vietnam-the
10,000 days war by Michael Maclear, and in order to create positive
gap between me and the upcoming class I'm reading the Heart of
Darkness by Conrad as well. Towards the middle of it and I'm not sure
I understand everything. Guess I'll have to give it a second read
before the exam.
Mom supposed to get ordered coupons at the end of this week and we'll
probably go shopping for clothes. Can't wait. I need to have some
respectful outfit for job interviews, and I think a new pare of jeans.
Some going out items will be good too.
Thatls it for today, I guess. tommorow i have to wake up early for my

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