No point crying over spilt milk

(when you can laugh over it)

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יום ארוך ומעייף
אבל לפחות הצלחתי להבין איך כותבים פוסטים דרך הפלאפון.‏ סמיילי קופץ

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(Deleted comment)
Answer: no.
I guess if you had the time to browse my modest journal, you've probably noticed that that the posts differ in language. That's because for me there are several writing moods, and each time I pick the language according to the mood. Basically I almost didn't write in Hebrew because experience has taught me that if I write happy posts, I come out like a giggly teenager, which I hated. Maybe I still do come out like that. However, there are currently 2 emotional posts (classified) in Hebrew which came out OK. There is a chance that most of my mobile posts will be in Hebrew, since I usually browse LJ from my phone when I'm in bed and feeling kinda sleepy, which means I'm more inclined to pick a language which I'm more comfortable with and doesn't require extra effort to use.

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